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Wrongful Trading And Directors' Duties

Our latest CPD TAP webcast looks at recent wrongful trading cases, including:

BTI v Sequana (illegal dividends, and when can a company be considered to be trading whilst insolvent?)

Re Robin Hood Centre plc (when could the company have known that they would not avoid insolvent liquidation?)

Re Ralls Builders Ltd (has trading whilst insolvent actually harmed creditors?)

Nicholson and another v Fielding (could they have known that they would not avoid insolvency?)

and even a fraudulent trading case, Pantiles Investments Ltd (in Liquidation) and another v Winckler.


Full details about these cases and the rulings can be found in our CPD TAP webcast, number 116.

If you are not a CPD TAP subscriber, please contact us if you are interested at enquiries@ntinsolvency.com.

The annual subscription is £995 and you can register three subscribers for that price.


Posted: 20.09.2019
Tags:  announcement

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