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The PIPs: MAS Accreditation

NTI are proud to offer three groundbreaking fully MAS accredited Personal Insolvency Practical (PIP) qualifications to IVA specialist companies and Debt Management Plan companies, as well as other businesses that offer advice and long-term debt solutions to individuals.

Three separately accredited qualifications for the IVA and Debt Management Plan industries, chosen by Creditfix for their own teams as well as the benchmark for their introducers, adopted by DEMSA as the ‘go to’ qualification for the Debt Management Plan sector and selected by many other businesses as a central part of the training and development of their teams.


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Ideal For Your Business

The NTIQ PIP qualifications are ideal for those IVA and Debt Management Plan businesses who are focusing on designing and delivering their staff training as a major condition of potential FCA authorisation and accreditation.

The NTIQ PIPs are also perfect for all team members who are new to the sector, or looking to build a career in the debt management solutions industry.

The Requirements For Training  

The Insolvency Service recently stipulated that regulatory bodies must not only increase their visits to High Volume IVA providers, but make them much more rigorous, which will include 'continuous monitoring' of such businesses. 

Wyman Report January 2018 - Recommendation 16 

All authorised debt advisers should have a debt advice qualification before they can offer debt advice unassisted, and should be required each year to undergo proportionate continuing professional development that includes updating for changes in law and reviewing the latest evidence of effective practice. The requirement for, and syllabus of, the debt advice qualification, and the requirement for continuing professional development, should be set out by the FCA. There should be a phased transition for existing advisers, where they have a window of three years to obtain an approved qualification to enable them to continue to work in the sector.

Technical, Practical … And Interpersonal

Uniquely, the courses, materials, exercises and the exams themselves include complete coverage of all technical and practical aspects of key roles across the sector as well as the behavioural and interpersonal skills necessary to actually perform the job.

The NTIQ range of bespoke PIP courses have been designed and delivered with the key objective of informing, inspiring and empowering members of your teams, offering an unrivalled opportunity to both technically and practically develop them. The design, course delivery, support and ultimate testing are entirely relevant, bespoke and practically aimed at the needs of your business and its key players, your colleagues of all levels.

The ultimate objective is that each NTIQ PIP candidate achieves a qualification that is directly useful to the way they perform their job, adding technical knowledge, useful personal skills and confidence to their everyday activities.

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