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PIP 2: Course Detail And Content

PIP 2 Team Members Who Have Been In The Business For Between Six Months And Two Years


PIP 2 is a practical and highly bespoke alternative to CPPI (or CPI) for members of the team who have been in the business for between six months and two years. It offers reasonably experienced members of the team a gilt-edged opportunity to advance knowledge about very specific aspects of personal insolvency and debt solutions, ranging from Debt Management Plans, Debt Relief Orders, consolidation loans, vulnerable customers and IVAs... to Bankruptcies and more practical solutions.

The materials, exercises, discussions and case studies deal with the law in a very relevant way. In a dynamic and highly energetic training environment the candidates also explore definitive behavioural skills, such as dealing with confrontation, asking active questions, positive language and assertiveness.

The training consists of three one day face-to-face sessions, as well as interspersed webinars and exercises. PIP 2 works for everyone in your business who is versed in the basic skills and vocabulary of IVAs, Debt Management Plans and other debt solutions and who want to build a career in the profession.

… “we put all of our main Sales Team through PIP 2 in order to stretch them … and gain a relevant qualification that wasn’t available elsewhere.
They loved it …”

Course Structure

Face-To-Face Day 1 Practical Training, Review of PIP 1
Webinar 1 1.5 to 2 Hours of Key Topic Coverage
Face-To-Face Day 2 Group Exercises, Case Studies, Etc.
Exam 1 Online, In-House and Invigilated
Webinar 2 1.5 to 2 Hours of Key Topic Coverage 
Face-To-Face Day 3 New Topics, Exercises, Discussion
Exam 2 Online, In-House and Invigilated


Venues And Exams

The training and support leads to a fully accredited PIP 2 qualification that is both meaningful and practical. All of NTI’s training is carried out at your premises (or nearby, if you do not have the requisite facilities), reducing cost and increasing direct relevance to your day-to-day working practices. Candidates can go from course introduction to fully PIP 2 qualified in eight to ten weeks, but the training can be designed to last longer if this works better for your business.

Each student must pass both Exams 1 and 2 to become PIP 2 qualified. The exams taken online are three hour ‘papers’ and consist of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and practical Case Study questions directly relating information learnt to the day-to-day job.

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