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The NTIQ PIPs qualifications have been designed specifically for those pursuing a career in the vital service sector that offers the potential financial lifeline of a properly arranged Debt Management Plan. The courses and qualifications are ideal for those offering a service to individuals who seek this type of long-term solution to their personal debt challenges.

The PIPs Practical Relevant Technical Behavioural Inspirational


Designed by insolvency professionals over a period of more than a year, and then put through a stringent MAS accreditation process, PIPs 1 to 3 are the ideal choice for a person who wishes to forge a career in the debt solutions sector.

Each of the three qualifications stand alone, are equally valid and will be recognised across the industry. The syllabi consist of technical, practical, interpersonal and legal factors, all vital to build knowledge and confidence in your career.

The webcasts and webinars will inform, the materials support, exercises back up and exam test the most important and relevant aspects of the job of an DMP professional. In a highly dynamic and inspirational environment NTI take delegates through all the key elements of the job.

The PIPs are the only recognised accredited qualifications in the DMP sector and will enhance the career of all studying for them.

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