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NNN: The Newsletter

NTI Technical produce a monthly Newsletter, ‘NNN’. Being stocked with Practitioners who have worked at the coal face NTI understand the importance of being up-to-date, especially as our industry is currently leading itself through the greatest changes in a generation.

At times it can be difficult to make a decision without checking whether the law has evolved or changed, so knowing the latest legislation, case law and the way to practically apply it all is essential to the day-to-day running of your business.

What Does NNN Do?

To be thoroughly useful a monthly Newsletter should do much more than tell you about us and our business - it must inform you about your industry, and then go much further. In a sector that is so wide reaching and which is changing on an almost daily basis, we believe that you are entitled to know:

  • All changes in legislation and case law as they happen
  • The ramifications and practical effects of those changes
  • All the new important cases
  • The practical industry news
  • All essential information that you can use in the daily running of your business

NTI passionately believes in working in collaboration with our clients. If there is anything you would like us to include in the monthly ‘NNN’ publication you just need to let us know, and we will include content relevant to your needs in jargon free, clear language. It is vital that you get what you want.

Isn't that what you would expect from Europe’s largest restructuring and insolvency training company?

If you are not currently receiving NNN please email emma@ntinsolvency.com (or call 01962 77 21 81) and ask to be placed on the monthly subscription list. We will send you back copies as well, should you request them.

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