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Independent Client Reviews

NTI Technical strongly believe that the objective of a Compliance Review is not simply to review the files of a business, provide you with feedback (which is often harsh and not useful) … and then to disappear for 12 months, it must be positive, ongoing and developmental. It should be part of the training and learning of team members and the business.


NTI Technical offer a completely bespoke service that includes Fixed Fee Informal and Formal Reviews (with or without Team Training to support the main messages)
External Quarterly Case Review Programmes
Fixed Fee Practical Advice Reporting with Focused Follow Up Reviews

RPB Support
Attendance and Support during the RPB visit, dealing directly with all queries
Advice Post-Visit, including Reporting and Assisting You with your Response and All Undertakings


All of NTI Technical’s Compliance Reviews and associated technical support packages are bespoke, and the pricing is based on your budget and requirements. Call Richard Bloomfield on 01962 676 580 or email Richard@ntinsolvency.com to discuss your business needs and to see what we can do for you.

We guarantee we will beat any price you are presently paying for your ICR and other technical support services.

NTI Membership
For all training, development and technical documentation and support.

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