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Document Packs And Replacement Forms: Why NTI?

Full Document Packs

NTI Technical have seven full Document Packs, covering the five core corporate insolvency procedures (Administrations, CVLs, MVLs, Compulsory Liquidations and CVAs) and the two core personal insolvency procedures; Bankruptcies and IVAs.

All Packs, and all of their contents, are fully compliant with the Insolvency Rules 2016.

All of NTI’s Document Packs are:

  • Comprehensive (covering every possible scenario and case circumstance), concise and written in plain English. For example, our IVA Document Pack has 722 documents, dealing with every conceivable eventuality
  • Divided up into ‘mini-packs’ to enable the relevant documents for a particular task to be run off in one set, rather than having to run off individual documents. This system is designed to increase the efficiency of your business and enable cases to be run accurately by more junior members of the team
  • Extremely efficient. The more straightforward documents can be electronically signed in advance, to save the time of a senior member of the team having to spend hours signing standard letters. This, again, increases the efficiency of your business
  • Ready to go; all Packs include the relevant IPS merge fields to enable the majority of case specific details to be automated
  • Updated regularly as the law beds down and changes. At NTI we will automatically send you (free of charge for the first year) updated documents as the Insolvency Rules 2016 take effect ... and the fallout starts. You and your Packs will always be completely up-to-date
  • Available in sole or joint appointee format. Just let us know what you need
  • Available individually, or as a ‘package’
Any One Pack
Two Personal Insolvency Packs
Five Corporate Insolvency Packs
All Packs

All prices are excluding VAT

Updates And Technical Support

NTI Technical offer an Annual Package Update service for each Document Pack purchased. If big changes are made in the interim period we will ensure you and your Packs are always fully up-to-date.

At NTI we offer a free technical advice and question answering service to all clients who purchase our Packs. Just give us a call with any questions.

Replacement Documents For Abolished Forms

The Insolvency Rules 2016 abolish all Insolvency Forms. NTI Technical have drafted replacements for all of these forms currently being used by insolvency professionals (there are more than 140 of them across all procedures).

We have produced a ‘Replacement Pack’ of all of these forms that is ready to drop into your current Packs and be good to go straight away within your existing merge fields.

The NTI ‘Replacement Pack’ is ready to go …

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