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NTI App - Insolvency News Delivered Straight To Your Phone


NTI have released the first ever insolvency news app. It has been designed to keep you fully updated on the latest developments and cases within the insolvency industry. 

The app gives you free access to insolvency updates with push notifications to let you know as soon as something has happened.

Thereafter CPD Tap subscribers will get a webcast with more extensive information on the specific case or change in law. 








 CPD Tap

CPD Tap is a webcast subscription product which gives you a minimum of 3 webcasts per month on key updates in the insolvency industry. Over the course of a year you will receive at least 25 hours of CPD, meeting all of your RPB requirements.

CPD Tap subscribers will have access to new webcasts, including over 110 historic webcasts via the app by clicking the CPD Tap tab. All webcasts and technical reading can be downloaded and viewed offline at a later date. 

For a one months free trial for CPD Tap please emails enquiries@ntinsolvency.com

Introduction to Insolvency Qualification (ITIQ)

Subscribers to the Introduction to Insolvency webcasts, materials and questions will also be able to view these on the ITIQ tab. The NTI Insolvency Qualification consists of 25 webcasts, each supported by materials and tests and a final examination at the end of the process.

The ITIQ webcasts cover everything a person needs to know about all procedures and practices. Studying for this qualification is a great way to track progress, understanding and commitment of employees and will form an important part of the early appraisal process for a new starter.





Your usernames and passwords will be the same as those you use to access webcasts from the members area on our website. 

All passwords and email addresses are securely protected, with optional fingerprint recognition software to login. 

Watch this space for news of how the app is going to revolutionise exam training for our students...









Click To Download:





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