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The Definitive Insolvency Rules 2016 Update

NTI Technical have selected the best articles and explanations of the New Rules that will dominate the next generation of insolvency practice.

Our 'Definitive Insolvency Rules 2016 Companion' takes every Rule, looks at each deleted form and analyses all of the decision procedures and makes sense of them from a day-to-day practical viewpoint.

NTI Technical offer the best and most holistic package of New Rules CPD courses and webinars, fully comprehensive and updated Document Packs (available from 1 March 2017), supportive ICR's and technical help and our unique 'Definitive Insolvency Rules 2016 Companion'.

Let NTI do everything for you, get in touch – email us or call us on 01962 772181.


BTI 2014 LLC v Sequana and Others (2019)
Added: 18.06.2019   |  Tags:  newsletter
This recent case examined when directors must have regard to creditors rather than shareholders in taking decisions that affect the company. In this case, the court considered whether ...

Re Core VCT plc (in Liquidation)
Added: 18.06.2019   |  Tags:  newsletter
This case concerned the restoration of a company to the Register in order for it to be liquidated again. Three Core VCT companies had been dissolved following successful MVLs ...

Varden Nuttall Ltd and another v Nuttall and another
Added: 18.06.2019   |  Tags:  newsletter
Varden Nuttall Limited was a volume provider of IVAs, which entered into Administration in March 2016. At that point, its IPs were administering around 2,800 cases ...

Wright v HMV Ecommerce Limited
Added: 18.06.2019   |  Tags:  newsletter
This recent case concerned whether administrators were validly appointed following the directors filing a notice of appointment after the court office was ...

Global Corporate v Hale (2019)
Added: 26.03.2019   |  Tags:  newsletter
Mr Hale was a director of a limited company that entered into Liquidation in 2015. During the Liquidation it was discovered that ...

Islandsbanki HF v Kevin Stanford (2019)
Added: 26.03.2019   |  Tags:  newsletter
Islandsbanki HF ("The Bank") issued a Bankruptcy petition against Mr Stanford back in April 2017. Mr Stanford is a successful businessman, who founded the Karen Millen brand ...

The Pension Protection Fund
Added: 26.03.2019   |  Tags:  newsletter
New guidance was published by the Pension Protection Fund (PPF) in January 2019...

Insolvency Service: New Case Management System
Added: 26.03.2019   |  Tags:  newsletter
The Insolvency Service recently announced in Dear IP 85 that forms RP14 and RP14A will soon have to be uploaded to the ...

Added: 16.11.2018   |  Tags:  newsletter
At NTI our students have enjoyed fantastic and richly deserved pass rates for the last six years. However, in a three and a half hour Joint Board exam sometimes bad things can happen to ....

The Financial Guidance And Claims Bill
Added: 17.07.2018   |  Tags:  newsletter
HM Government have committed to implement a ‘breathing space’ scheme, with safeguards implemented to prevent abuse. The intention is that someone with serious debts may apply for legal ...

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