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Latest Insolvency Statistics From The Insolvency Service

The Insolvency Service announced the latest insolvency statistics yesterday.

Key headlines

- Personal Insolvencies have fallen slightly (1.3%) on quarter one

- Personal Insolvencies up 7.2% on this quarter last year

The number of insolvencies have decreased slightly on quarter one, due to a slight fall in IVAs and DROs but the far higher rate of personal insolvencies on this time last year indicates continued cause for concern

- Corporate Insolvencies have risen by 2.6% compared to quarter one

- Corporate Insolvencies up 11.9% on quarter two in 2018

The quarter on quarter increase, and the large increase on this time last year demonstrates a really tough time for UK business and a continued busy time for Insolvency Practitioners. 


Posted: 31.07.2019
Tags:  announcement

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