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Katie Price (AKA Jordan) Made Bankrupt

Katie Price, better known as Jordan, has been made Bankrupt in the High Court today. 

Katie Price had debt issues last year but was given time by the courts to explore an IVA. That IVA was agreed on the 30 November 2018.

However, it appears she was unable to meet the terms of the agreement, in which she was stated as making £12,000 per month contributions and has now been made Bankrupt by her Supervisor.

She was once quoted as being worth more than £45 million and the Official Receiver or any appointed Trustee will seek to sell her assets, including what the press are calling her "West Sussex Mansion". It is rumoured to be worth over £2 million with nine bedrooms, a swimming pool, tennis court and 12 acres of land. It is being reported that her debts now exceed £800,000, significantly more than the £250,000 quoted as part of her IVA.



Posted: 26.11.2019
Tags:  announcement

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