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JIEB Distance Learning Programme

A key feature of our Distance Learning Programme is the support you receive from our unique, proactive Learning Mentor service.  Your Learning Mentor will guide you through our award winning study materials which are also available as e-versions.  Your Learning Mentor will analyse and review your practice questions and mock exams. 

These key features are supported by our online resources in the Distance Learning Programme.  You will have access to: the online lecture library (below); the two live web-based lectures per month (the content of which can be requested).  In addition, there are regular testettes and newsletters emailed to students. All this for only £790 + VAT. 

If you decide that you'd also like to purchase some aspects of the lecture programme you can make this decision at the start of your course or at any stage further down the line.  A number of Distance Learning: Online Plus students buy Passing The Exam lectures held at the end of the course in order to focus their approach to their revision and to take a mock exam in exam conditions.

You will have access to this extensive library of up-to-date online lectures on many of the main subjects in the JIEB syllabus.

The Online Lecture Library

  • Active Review – How To Get The Most Out Of Yours
  • Active Review – Where To Next?
  • An Introduction To Numbers (CPI)
  • An Introduction To PI Numbers
  • Antecedent Transactions
  • Approaching An Exam Question
  • Bankruptcy Restrictions Order And Bankruptcy Restrictions
  • Undertaking Bankruptcy Timeline, The
  • Cashflow Forecasts
  • Cashflow Statements
  • ‘COMI’ And Bankruptcy
  • Comparative Estimated Outcome Statements
  • Deficiency Account, The
  • Distress And The Brand New Law Of CRAR
  • EC And Cross Border Regulations
  • Estimated Outcome Statements
  • Estimated Outcome Statements BKY v IVA
  • Environmental Issues And Insolvency
  • Exam Intro, The (CPI)
  • Flight Plan, The
  • Getting It
  • How To ‘Get It’
  • How To Make Brilliant Notes And Summaries
  • How To Make Memorable Notes
  • Introduction To ACVAR (JIEB Paper 2)
  • Introduction To Personal Insolvency (CPI)
  • IVA Timeline, The
  • JIEB Perfect Day/Week, The
  • Landlord’s Claim In Administration
  • NTI Guide To Creating Mnemonics
  • NTI Guide To Mind Mapping
  • NTI's Top Tips For Keeping That Active Review Plate Spinning
  • Passing The Exam Phase 1 (CPI)
  • Passing The Exam Phase 2 (CPI)
  • Payment In Full
  • Payment In Full Calculation (CPI)
  • Pensions
  • Pensions And The Insolvency Professional
  • Planning Your Answer
  • Pre Packs, The Pre Pack Pool & SIP 16
  • Profit And Loss
  • Receipts And Payments Account (CPI)
  • Removal/Release Of Officeholders
  • SIP 3.1
  • SIPs Testette
  • Statement Of Affairs, The
  • Timelines & How To Use Them In The Exam
  • TR5 TUPE And Reg 7 – The Issues For IPs And Employees
  • Welcome To The Resit And Referral Programme

Interactive Web Based Lectures are typically scheduled twice monthly. Usually lectures will begin at either 1pm or 5pm and last between 30 and 60 minutes. You will receive an invitation to each lecture relevant to your course.


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