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CPI Course Details

Study For THE CPI / CPPI / CPCI  Starting Early And Get Ahead Of The Game

Neil Taylor Insolvency Has The Best Courses With The Best Materials In The Best Locations

CPI 100% PASS RATES IN DECEMBER 2013, 2014 AND 2015

CPCI 100% PASS RATES IN 2015 AND 2016


At Neil Taylor Insolvency we pride ourselves in sharing with our students effective, positive 'right brain' or 'Accelerated Learning' techniques. One of the central premises of ‘Accelerated Learning’ is that by tapping into students' multiple intelligence and learning styles in a way that motivates them to think in divergent and real-life ways you enhance the memorability of study materials and information by up to 80%.

  • That’s 80% we want you to have.

This is why all of our materials - interactive, online, lecture room, written and verbal - are designed to equip you with the memory and learning style you have always deserved.

At Neil Taylor Insolvency we take fun very seriously. Face-to-face study and learning is by far the best way to pass ... and the lectures must be fantastic.

  • Neil Taylor Insolvency offer you a ground-breaking 13 days of face-to-face lectures. We passionately believe that, to be effective, lectures must be inspirational and totally exam-relevant.
  • We offer more face-to-face lectures than any other training provider ...
    ... and also have the widest range of online lectures in our lectures video library, as well as offering at least two webcasts every month. 
  • We offer all of our training materials on an easy-to-access USB key. You can take your materials everywhere you go on the end of your key fob. (If you wish to opt for hard copy materials this will cost you just the extra (cost) price of £375 per set.)
  • Our students have produced the best exam results in the business, headed up by a ground-breaking 100% pass rate for the December 2013, 2014 and 2015  exam sittings, and 83% in both the June sittings in 2014 and 2015. In the December exams in 2016 NTI students won First and Second Prizes and scored a pass rate of 87%.
  • We provide the best value for money, with more courses, more material and more support ...
    ... for the lowest cost, guaranteed.

Premium Locations

The courses will be held in premium locations, enjoying top class facilities. We will even work on a few ‘surprises’ during the training day …

All of our values and our entire business proposition is based upon a proactive client service approach.


Please note that for the forseeable future the IPA will only set the CPCI & CPPI examination in June. CPI is set for both the June and December sittings.


A key feature of our Distance Learning:Online Plus Programme is the support you receive from our unique, proactive Learning Mentor service.  Your Learning Mentor will guide you through our award winning study materials which are also available as e-versions.  Your Learning Mentor will analyse and review your practice questions and mock exams.

These key features are supported by our online resources in the Distance Learning:Online Plus Programme.  You will have access to: the extensive library of up-to-date online lectures on many of the main subjects in the CPI syllai; the two webcasts per month (the content of which can be requested).  In addition, there are regular testettes and newsletters emailed to students.

If you decide that you'd also like to purchase some aspects of the lecture programme you can make this decision at the start of your course or at any stage further down the line.  A number of Distance Learning: Online Plus students buy Passing The Exam lectures held at the end of the course in order to focus their approach to their revision and to take a mock exam in exam conditions.

Details And Dates Of All Courses

The content and depth of the syllabus for the specialised qualifications of CPPI (for those with a specific interest in personal insolvency) and CPCI (for those work is primarily concerned with procedures for insolvent companies) will be covered in full.

Our fantastic CPCI students achieved a 100% pass rate in their exams in 2014, 2015 and 2016 (together with First Prize in all three sittings). We are committed to continuing this level of success and provide the face-to-face lectures, online web-based seminars, great materials and our unique individual support for both this qualification and the CPPI.

Welcome To The CPI / CPPI / CPCI - ‘Let’s Get Numbers Sorted’: 2 Days

You have made the decision to sit a major insolvency qualification in June or December. This two day ‘Welcome’ course will inspire you to start the way you plan to continue.
It is effectively split into two equal chunks:

Day One
… introducing the passability and potential of the excellent CPI exam, including how to get the most from your study time, the materials and your brain.

You will be inspired to learn in a way that best serves you as you make your way through the course; with energy, colour, connectivity, creativity and the ability to transfer everything you do to your long-term memory.

If you elect to study for the CPPI (personal insolvency) or CPCI (corporate insolvency) papers this will be an invaluable introductory day for you. We will cover every aspect of your future studies and ensure every part of the interactive presentation is useful and relevant to you.

Day Two
…there will be a numbers’ question in the exam. You will have received the all-encompassing ‘Numbers Questions Bank’ on the day you enrolled on the course. Day Two will empower you with the knowledge and skills to use this Bank early on, and to the greatest effect.


This numbers’ day will be invaluable for your chosen option. We will introduce and cover the personal insolvency (CPPI) and corporate (CPCI) questions and, when covering the area not relevant to your chosen option, set you relevant tasks to ensure you fully understand the essential areas of your selected area of study.

See Course Dates Here

‘Liquidations’: 2 Days

Neil Taylor Insolvency has designed and will present the best two days lecture room experience on the key topic of Liquidations. This highly interactive course will be led by a CPI exam expert, taking you through everything you need to know about the Liquidations element of the paper you will sit in the summer or winter.

If you are a Personal Insolvency specialist, with little corporate insolvency exposure, it will be good to have everything explained from the beginning.

If you are someone who works mainly in turnaround, bank reporting or pre-packs these two days represent the opportunity to add some more insolvency buzzwords and knowledge to your vocabulary.

If you work in Liquidations it will remind you of ‘the law’, but much more importantly, connect what you know with the CPI exam.

Whoever you are and whatever your experience the two days on Liquidations will give you what you need to sit and get a terrific mark for any Liquidations based question in June or December.

If you have elected to sit the CPCI paper this will be a massively useful and relevant course for you to attend.

See Course Dates Here

 ‘Administrations, CVAs And Administrative Receiverships’: 2 Days

The CPI have asked some great questions on Administrators and Administrations in recent years, and although you have all the details and memory triggers you need in the ‘Study Support Programme’ on every possible topic, there is something memorable and exciting about a well-planned, engaging and exam-relevant two day course.

As with Liquidations, every key subject will be covered from a wholly exam-focused viewpoint setting you up for the completion of your studies in the area.

This is a very examinable area of the syllabus and the face-to-face experience at Neil Taylor Insolvency will prepare you for anything and everything the examiner can throw at you in June or December.

If you have elected to sit the CPCI paper this will be a terrific course to help you to focus your attention and studies on the key Administrations and CVA aspects of the syllabus.

See Course Dates Here

 ‘Personal Insolvency’: 2 Days

The CPI is a totally relevant and useful exam, designed for 21st Century insolvency professionals and, as such, aims to embrace a broad syllabus, requiring coverage of all types of insolvency.

Our long and wide experience of the CPI’s exam at Neil Taylor Insolvency enables us to design and deliver a two day Personal Insolvency course which is completely relevant to this exam, this year.

This includes non-formal options, practical matters and all aspects of contemporary Personal Insolvency,  delivered in a dynamic, engaging and highly collaborative environment …
… an environment of inspired learning, worthy of inspired professionals.

If you have focused your attention on the IPA’s excellent personal insolvency only qualification (the CPPI) this is a brilliant course for you to attend and it is fully included in the ‘all-in’ full course fee.

See Course Dates Here

 CPI - ‘Passing The Exam’: 5 Days

This course is programmed to appear in your study and revision calendar at precisely the right time. Far enough into the notes and summary review process to make the messages useful to you …
… and far enough away from the exam to give you time to re-visit the key messages, practise essential techniques and grow in confidence before your date with a future qualification in June or December.

This course is not about lecturing, it is about thoroughly preparing you for a big, important and highly passable exam. As such it has a wide range of features that will work in tandem with your wider preparations. These include:

  • Every day starts with wholly new multiple choice and short form tests, designed to cover the syllabus and test you, with others, in areas of crucial exam significance
  • Every day ends with a newly written highly focused written test question, with full hand-written ‘model answer’, targeting the main topics of exam importance
  • Because the main question on the topic of Liquidations in 13 out of the last 15 CPI exams has been about the Statement of Affairs (and the two other papers set questions on Estimated Outcome Statements) we dedicate a day to numbers questions, ensuring you can attack any potential question with confidence and a high level of relevant exam technique
  • The course will cover every aspect of every examinable topic, offering creative ways to remember main messages and focusing upon exam technique, exam technique, exam technique
  • We will provide highly creative and memorable ‘Big One Pagers’ on every key topic, covering all potential exam points
  • There will be a newly written mock exam which you can choose to sit in a group, thus replicating ‘exam conditions’ or away from the course …

… whichever you choose we guarantee to analyse and review the exam for you in depth within six working days, sending you our thoughts and advice on your script in a detailed and comprehensive ‘Exam Passing Report’

 If you have chosen to study for one of the two specialised personal insolvency (CPPI) or corporate (CPCI) papers offered by the IPA, there are elements of this perfectly positioned Pre-Examination course that are ideal for you and your preparations.

You will attend the Numbers’ Day (and be set specific exercises to do when aspects of accounting not relevant to your course are being covered) …

… as well as the days on your chosen subject area.

See Course Dates Here  

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