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CII Training

The ICAEW Certificate in Insolvency (‘CII’) is a highly prestigious qualification for those in the restructuring, insolvency and bank advisory fields. It blends the weight of the Chartered Accountant’s brand with a comprehensive assessment of knowledge across all processes and procedures of the profession.

The qualification is perfect for those who have either just joined the profession, or who are experienced in some or all aspects of practical insolvency. It is also suitable for financial, legal and other professionals. Studies can be organised around a highly flexible learning platform with the ultimate aim of not just achieving a valuable qualification, but also growing in knowledge, confidence and competence. The principal aim of every candidate enrolling on a CII course with NTI will be to pass the ICAEW's assessment, of course. However, the training and support we offer, including our comprehensive technical manuals and 19 teaching Modular Webcasts, will also empower all students with knowledge, both technical and practical, to perform their role on a daily basis and to gain an understanding of the parts of insolvency that are not a part of their everyday jobs.

Full Course Flexibility

NTI offer two full CII courses each year, starting in February and June. An essential part of both of these courses is two days of face-to-face lectures with one of our professional exam training team (see the Face-To-Face Lecture Dates at the foot of this screen).

However, we appreciate that one of the most positive features of the CII is the flexibility of when to sit the assessment, and NTI do not want to restrict your options with these published course start times and lecture dates. All of the 19 Modular Webcasts (lecturing on the entire syllabus) are available to be interacted with and downloaded whenever best suits you. In addition, your personally appointed Learning Mentor will work with you on a one-to-one basis throughout your chosen study dates to design the most effective Study Plan. 

NTI can also offer additional face-to-face lecture dates, or provide the key messages covered in them as recorded webcasts, to enable you to have total flexibility with your chosen study dates. You just have to ask. We will design a course for you that exactly matches your study requirements.

Covid-19 Social Distancing Restrictions: during the period of Government enforced social distancing restrictions NTI will be offering the 'face-to-face lecture days' as live webinars, with full interaction between students and lecturers. These webinars will also be recorded to ensure no-one misses out on any of the essential content. We aim to resume the 'face-to-face lecture days' as soon as possible. 

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Training With NTI  

NTI’s award-winning team of four full-time lecturers have designed and produced a course which perfectly prepares candidates for the ICAEW’s two and a half hour assessment. This exam has 80 questions, with a mix of multiple choice, ‘True’ / ‘False’, ‘Yes’ / ‘No’ and other objective questions. You can sit the exam at any one of a number of assessment centres and will usually receive your results within one business day of completing the exam.

We have written more than 1,000 multiple choice and objective ('Yes' / 'No', 'True' / 'False') questions to test your knowledge and enable you to practise live assessment questions. In addition, we will provide two new full 'mock' assessment tests to enable you to practise at an essential time in your revision for your chosen exam date. Half of the 1,000 questions are placed in the relevant parts of the full colour CII Study Support Programme and the other half are available on the NTI app, together with all study materials and Modular Webcasts.

Your personally appointed NTI Learning Mentor will work with you day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month, question-by-question and challenge-by-solution to design, build and keep to your Study Plan. This Plan must fit around your time, commitments, level and experience and preferred mode of study. We have worked with insolvency and restructuring students for more than 30 years and understand the rigours of balancing your professional and personal life with the study challenges of CII. And, of course, you get the total flexibility to study as and when you want.

Getting Much More With NTI  

NTI are proud to have been working with insolvency students, enabling and empowering them to pass exams, for more than 30 years. We are professional examination trainers, we only work with students and their firms in the insolvency and restructuring sector and are delighted with the exceptional pass rates those studying with us have achieved.

Before you make a choice about which course provider to select for your studies you will, of course, compare and contrast the NTI study and support package with other potential providers. It is vital that you make the right decision and choose the one that gives you not only the best value, but the greatest support. 

At NTI our CII training, service and support includes all of the following for the cost of the course (£1,250 ex VAT):

    Covering every aspect of the course, lecturing each part and offering students the flexibility to study when and where they want.
    On key topics and how to answer assessment questions. We also have two comprehensive webinars on how to deal with numbers' assessment questions, taking you through all possible assessment questions line-by-line and number-by-number.
    One at the beginning of the course and one towards the end, because attending courses is the best way, by far, to receive real guidance. All key topics will be covered on these courses, with practice assessment questions. Because NTI have a large and experienced lecturing team we will be very happy to offer additional face-to-face course dates to fit in with the requirements of you and your colleagues.
    We include 500 new questions in ‘True’ / ‘False’, ‘Yes’ / ‘No’ format, testing each part of the syllabus in the Study Support Programme, together with other objective and multiple choice questions. We also include a further 500 new multiple choice questions on the NTI app.
    This is vital full exam practice at the time you most need it.
    Including our unique ‘Pass Inspiration’ Life and Study Guide, containing full information on organising your studies, memory, learning and study techniques, diet and nutrition advice, health and fitness, positivity and mindset and all SIPs summarised.
    Enabling you to formulate a personalised Study Plan and ask technical and practical questions throughout the course
    Where you can access all materials, questions, tests and webcasts on the go, whenever and wherever you want them.

In Addition

The final assessment costs £300 (ex VAT)

You will need to register with the ICAEW and pay a fee before you begin your learning journey. The link for student registration is: https://my.icaew.com/studentregistration   The fee is £140 +VAT (there is no fee for ICAEW members and students). 

Sample Webcasts

Module 1

Module 3

Module 7


Face-To-Face Lecture Dates: 

 Sitting   Day 1   Day 2
 2020   22 July 2020   15 September 2020
 2021 Sitting 1   25 February 2021   5 May 2021
 2021 Sitting 2   6 July 2021   16 September 2021


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**  If you wish to join us on the two face-to-face lectures (included in your CII courses package) you can either do so on the dates set out above, or we can work with you to ensure you benefit from the content of them at any time. NTI are ultimately flexible about the way you study for CII and will work with you to fully train you for your chosen assessment date.

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