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Practice Solutions Package

NTI have designed and produced a Practice Solutions Package for busy practitioners who need no-nonsense, ready-to-go training, checklists and webcasts to save time, build efficiency and train the team.

Each of the Packages can be purchased separately, or as a complete Package. They include:

AML Firm Risk Assessment Package


·         Presentation on the firm’s risk assessment
·         All documents that are required to complete the risk assessment
·         Money Laundering policy documents
·         The AML checklist required to be completed on each case

(NTI have also produced a full AML training package for all of your staff.  We are the first and only provider of a fully compliant and practical Anti Money Laundering course specifically aimed at insolvency professionals.) (Click here to find out more)

Updated Ethics Package


·         3 training webcasts for your use and that of your staff
·         Full ethics checklists, fully IPS coded and simple to use

GDPR Package


·         Full training on GDPR for old and new staff by webcasts
·         All necessary documents, such as books and records policy, destruction policy, clear desk policy, etc.

Technology Package


·         How to go paperless webcast
·         Digital marketing webcast - how to make the most out of your online presence
·         Remote working solutions - includes working from home policy

Compliance Visits Package


·         How to train your staff for compliance visits
·         Pre visit standard checklist
·         Webcast on tips and tricks for follow up communication with your RPB

Financial Controls Package


·        Training webcasts on …
·        SIP 11 and Banking of funds
·        Safeguarding client funds
·        Cashiering 


Each individual Package costs £175 (ex VAT). Buy any three Packages for £500.

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