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NTI & DEMSA Partnership


NTI are proud of our partnership with DEMSA (the Debt Managers Standards Association) which, amongst other things, provides a full range of CPD training to their members.

The training provided to DEMSA members is delivered across two platforms; online webcasts which can be downloaded from DEMSA’s learning platform, and face-to-face sessions delivered at DEMSA approved locations.

The latest training consists of Six Pre-Recorded Webcasts and One Face-To-Face CPD Session which provide an introduction to subjects central to the insolvency industry, including:

  • Insolvency Options (Informal and Formal)
  • Insolvency ‘Lingo’ and Legal Definitions
  • Tax And Your Client
  • Properties And The Matrimonial Home
  • Introduction To The IVA And Bankruptcy Process
  • Realisation Of Assets In Insolvent Procedures
  • Sole Traders And The Current Debt Management World

All training provided by NTI is supported by fully prepared and up-to-date training material and a dedicated discussion board where members can explore the training. The dedicated and qualified team at NTI are also always on hand to support members further.

All DEMSA members are invited to contact NTI direct to book tailored, bespoke training and explore all of the other technical and support services that NTI can provide.

NTIQ (MAS Accredited Qualifications) Three Separately Accredited PIPs (Personal Insolvency Practical) provide the 'go to' qualifications for the Debt Management Plan and IVA sectors. They have been chosen by many businesses as a central part of the training and development of their teams. Each PIP course, delivered at a venue of your choice, incorporates vital information about the current insolvency (both formal and informal) options available and essential behavioural skills that further a delegate's understanding of the client, enhancing their jobs and day-to-day performance.

Get In Touch To Discuss How The MAS Accredited PIPs Can Enhance Your Business

Technical Helpline   NTI's full Technical Support Service. Call or email us and we will answer all questions and queries about law, practice and changes to procedure. If there have been any new developments or changes in procedure/protocol we will help. Call us and one of our team of qualified IPs will deal with your question.

This Service Costs Just £500 Per Year

Document Packs   NTI Have The Best And Most Comprehensive, Practical And Totally Updated Document Packs And Checklists. They enable any member of your team to run a case from initial email/phone call to completion. NTI provide full Packs for all procedures written by IPs for IPs. All of our Packs and Checklists are presented in easy-to-access mini-files, in plain English and cover every eventuality for all procedures.

NTI's Document Packs Cost £1300 Each, With Discounts When Purchasing More Than One Pack.

Our Game-Changing Checklists Cost Just £300 Per Procedure

CPD+   The CPD courses you attend should be inspirational and ultimately useful to you, your colleagues and your business. NTI can deliver bespoke in-house courses at all levels which will not only provide you with exactly what your business needs, they will save you money. Our courses range from 'all-you-need-to-know introductory courses for those new to your business', to updates and practical courses, behavioural skills programmes and specific technical sessions.

CPD Will Be Delivered At Your Premises For As Little As £1,850 Per Day

CPD TAP NTI's award-winning CPD TAP product enables you and your colleagues to download a minimum of three webcasts per month (one lasting about 30-45 minutes and two of approximately 15 minutes) onto your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Each webcast includes up-to-date and practical information about new law, regulations, cases, SIPs, processes and procedures.

The Best And Most Useful Information At The 'Tap Of A Finger' For Just £995 Per Year For Three Users

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