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Bespoke In-House Courses

Updates & Latest Changes Courses
A key course for all Insolvency professionals guiding them through the need to know updates affecting the insolvency industry right now. This course will provide delegates with a key knowledge of the main changes within the insolvency landscape in the last 12 months and also look to what the future holds.
Key areas to be covered:
- New case law updates
- Changes to rules and regulations
- Insolvency Service Guidance
- Practical Updates on case work
- New SIPs (as appropriate)


Below is a number of potential courses that we could run in-house at your office. These ideas could be a standalone course or mixed and matched as part of a wider course.

This is far from an exhaustive list and we will endeavour to meet any of your requirements.  Many of these course topics can be combined into a full day in-house course. See below for some examples of the courses we have run for clients. 


Course Topic  Course Description 
Corporate Insolvency Updates and Latest Changes All the key changes in Corporate Insolvency law, SIPs, Case Law and practice
Personal Insolvency Updates and Latest Changes All the key changes in Personal Insolvency law, SIPs, Case Law and practice
New Corporate Insolvency Reforms A look ahead to the new Corporate Insolvency reforms heading our way
Dealing with the Practicalities of the Insolvency Rules 2016 Looking at the possible resolution to the issues caused by the changes in law
Key Employment Law Training in the ever-important area of employment law and ensuring you are compliant
Remuneration and SIP 9 A course to ensure you are compliant with one of the most important topics
The Ethical Code How to keep the Regulators happy and be compliant with the Ethical Code
Pre-Packaged Administrations Ensuring compliance with SIP 16 and dealing with the Pre-Pack Pool
CVLs under the New Rules A look at the best way to run a CVL after the raft of changes brought in by the Insolvency Rules 2016
Trading a Case A look at key considerations before you trade in Insolvency
Appointing an Administrator and the Moratorium A key look at the important changes made by case law to the out of court appointments of Administrators
CDDA and Antecedent Transactions What to look out for when investigating a Company and its directors
Retention of Title A look at the key law, case law and practicalities of dealing with ROT claims
MVLs, Tax and Statutory Interest A look at the key issues affecting MVLs and how to best deal with HMRC claiming statutory interest
Landlords and Leases A look at the key areas of law and practice around leases and dealing with landlords
CVAs and Retail A look at why CVAs are so popular in the retail sector
Debt Advice How to give excellent, practical advice to clients with debt problems
Changes in Regulation in the Personal Insolvency Sector A key look at the Wyman Report, the FCA, and the Insolvency Service review of IVA volume providers
Pensions in Bankruptcy A look at the key cases of whether a pension will vest
The Matrimonial Home How to deal with matrimonial home in Bankruptcy and the pitfalls
Annulments of Bankruptcy A look at the viability of annulments following case law and changes to the Insolvency Service’s fees
Investigations in Bankruptcy A look at the investigative powers of a Trustee and things to look out for
The Viability of an IVA A look at IVAs as a viable debt solution and a review of the issues that can arise
The Death of Debtor What to do when a client dies and a look at Insolvent Administration Orders

Softer Skills Courses:


Becoming a Professional 

A course looking at the choices and decisions we all have to make when working in a professional environment

Effective Communications

A course looking at how to be a better communicator and the mistakes we make in every day communications
Becoming the Complete Package A look at how to develop your brand
Managing People A course looking at the key skills needed to be a good manager
Motivational Skills A look at the key skills and techniques needed to motivate people
Developing and Supporting your Team A course focussing on how to get the best out of your team
Networking Skills How to get and retain new clients and contacts
Organisational Skills A course focussing on how to get organised and be more efficient


Our Presenters

Richard Bloomfield

Richard is a full-time lecturer and trainer with Neil Taylor Insolvency. He is both CPI and JIEB qualified and a licensed IP, serving in practice within the insolvency department of a regional firm in Norwich for a number of years. Richard heads up the NTI CPD Courses department, with a commitment to re-design the continuing professional development of the insolvency profession’. Richard’s passion and professionalism are two of the main reasons our courses are so innovative and great to attend.

Richard has a wide experience in all types of insolvency, and a gift for getting information across to both the willing and the unwilling in a positive, creative and highly practical way. He is a key member of the award winning Neil Taylor Insolvency team and is a founding member of our brilliant group of professional trainers. 

Andy Deere

Andy joined the team at NTI in 2018, having spent over 12 years in insolvency practice. Whilst in practice, Andy worked predominantly at a boutique insolvency firm in Birmingham, but also spent a number of years at ‘Top-10’ and sole-practitioner firms.

He is both CPI and JIEB qualified, having experienced NTI’s training first-hand, and is passionate about sharing his knowledge with students in an inspiring and engaging way in his role as a full-time lecturer and trainer. He has a broad experience of both corporate and personal insolvency.

  • You can buy any one or more of our Updates And Latest Changes courses. Talk to us about the way to get the most out of your training budget
  • NTI will build a course around your specific requirements. Our unique ‘Bite Sized’ courses mean that you and your colleagues no longer need to sit through a day of irrelevance. You can choose exactly what you want from a course, design it with us and have it delivered by professional presenters in-house
  • Talk to us about your training budget
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