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Our Values

NTI is Europe’s largest bespoke restructuring, insolvency, and debt management solutions training company. We spend all of our time, experience, energy and imagination focusing on new ways to serve our profession. From achieving the best national pass rates at JIEB and CPI, to delivering ground-breaking CPD courses and programmes, from the best and most practically useful Document Packs, to our own series of MAS accredited qualifications we seek excellence through innovation.

Everything NTI does has its origins in our values and its success in matching the passions of those we serve.

Our Award And Prize Winning Values Include:

  • We strongly believe that, when studying for and taking tough exams, be them CPI, JIEB or NTIQ PIPs, a student must be inspired to succeed. We never forget that students respond better to energy and creativity.

We are proud when our brilliant students achieve 100% pass rates (CPI December 2014 and December 2015, CPCI June 2014, 2015 and 2016) and rates more than 25% above national average in ALL OTHER exams since we entered the market we are proud beyond belief.

  • Offering the solutions that you would have designed had you the time and resources to do so.

From CPD to Compliance, from Document Packs to Technical Back-Up busy insolvency professionals need support they can rely upon and which can be delivered almost before they request it. The team at Neil Taylor Insolvency prides itself on generating products and services that enhance your jobs, save you money and make all of those around you more efficient, confident and professional.

  • Thinking ahead of the game.

The NTIQ PIP qualifications, accredited by the FCA and the Government's Money Advisory Service, ensure regulation and professionalism in the fast growing Debt Management Solutions sector of our industry. It does so by offering the perfect blend of technical, practical and interpersonal skills at a price the industry can afford and at a quality level never before seen.

  • Being proud of what we do and who we are.

Our greatest value is to work with immense pride in everything we do, seeking to exceed expectations and deliver consistently with a passion that reflects every individual working throughout our team.

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