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Neil's Blog

Time Gentlemen Please
Added: 01.07.2020   |  Tags:  blog  newsletter
Neil Taylor's July Blog

10 Things They Teach You At Harvard Medical School
Added: 30.01.2020   |  Tags:  blog  announcement
10 Things They Teach You At Harvard Medical School

Debt Management Businesses: Accredited Training
Added: 27.09.2016   |  Tags:  blog
On 25 June 2015 the Financial Conduct Authority published a far-reaching thematic review of the quality of advice offered by debt management businesses. The results were not pretty.

All The CPD You Will Ever Need (Honest)
Added: 23.08.2016   |  Tags:  blog
Why wouldn’t you respond to a blog that promised you ‘All The CPD You Will Need For The Next Year’?

Food For Summer Thought?
Added: 20.06.2016   |  Tags:  blog
How much do you weigh … how much do you think? Why? Apparently the level of calorie burn depends upon how bright you are. The more mental activity you put in the more calories you burn.

Your Perfect Invention
Added: 11.04.2016   |  Tags:  blog
Bearing in mind that the Earth, at the Equator, is rotating at close to 1000 miles per hour each of us human beings on the planet has to use enormous forces of energy to move or stay still

A Mercedes Fridge, Really??
Added: 03.03.2016   |  Tags:  blog
‘I just told you, we need a new fridge and it is easily the best one on the market.’‘Mercedes make fridges? What about, you know, those other more established fridge brands

All I Want For Christmas Is Monopoly
Added: 24.11.2015   |  Tags:  blog
What do you buy as a Christmas present for the couple who you perceive have everything?’ Apparently the answer to that question is ‘Monopoly’.

‘The loudest voice in your head is the lies you tell yourself’
Added: 21.10.2015   |  Tags:  blog
‘The loudest voice in your head is the lies you tell yourself.’ We have repeated these lies so often they resonate and appear to us to be fundamental truths about who we are.

Working as an executive coach
Added: 25.09.2015   |  Tags:  blog
About two years ago I was working as an executive coach with a chap on the Executive Committee of a FTSE Top 500 company.


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