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About Us

Neil Taylor Insolvency is a highly motivated team of training professionals with specific experience at the cutting edge of restructuring, insolvency and debt management solutions. We are dedicated to changing the way education and training is designed and delivered in our sector, and to offer peerless service to our clients.
We offer four distinct groups of products and services …

Exam Training And Support...

...that is inspirational, exam-centric and totally success focused. This has enabled our students to achieve exam pass rates at both JIEB and CPI (CPPI / CPCI) at consistently 20 - 25% above national average.

Our brilliant students respond positively to our 21st Century style of training, incorporating energising memory and learning techniques whilst inspiring them to achieve their ambitions. We also share concepts about life and positivity that are often considered to be life-enhancing.

For us being creative, inspirational......and award winning simply is not enough; education and training really matters ... and it has to be memorable, energetic and (dare we? ...) fun.


… courses that are practical and inspirational, delivered by training professionals who spent years in the profession finding out what matters, what is commercial and what a ‘great course’ must look and feel like. We deliver open courses (see the course information in the CPD section of this site), bespoke in-house training to save travel, time and wasted hours being droned to death and many programmes where clients ask us to design their entire CPD course calendar.

Our open courses are revolutionary, in that they are written around the updates, topics and themes insolvency professionals need. From ‘bite sized’ mix and match courses (one hour on a critical area, before moving on) to the best introductory sessions money can buy.

NTI CPD also have the best attended New Rules training - offering pitch perfect information to disparate groups within our profession.

CPD rated training......and development designed and delivered by IP qualified training professionals at great value ... at your premises or in city centre locations.

NTIQ PIP Qualifications For The Debt Management Industry

In September 2016 NTI became the only accredited provider of qualifications for the IVA and Debt Management Plan sector. There are three highly acclaimed 'PIP' (Personal Insolvency Practical) qualifications approved by the FCA and the Government's Money Advisory Service.

These totally practical qualifications quite simply, change the way that people are trained and developed for all time. The syllabus includes essential technical content and blends it with practicality and interpersonal skills, vital for the 21st Century professional who demands an holistic and practically useful education in a highly competitive industry.

Accredited NTIQ PIP......qualifications offered at great value for an essential sector in our industry.

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