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Neil Taylor Insolvency Training


A NEW TEAM: A new generation of JIEB & CPI training

Neil Taylor Insolvency is a highly motivated team of qualified and fully trained lecturers and support staff dedicated to offer insolvency professionals exam training and support that is inspirational, exam-centric and totally success focused.

We are committed to providing the perfect combination of lecturing, personal support and online coverage, with fresh ideas and new and integrated materials, backed up by total student and client service.

The entire business, from Client Care Administrators, through to designers and creators of courses … and right up to the team of lecturers and the company’s founder are geared towards the principal objective of providing a matchless educational product.

For us ‘new’ is not enough; education and training really matters. Students and clients deserve a 21st Century approach to their studies, encompassing:

  • fantastic, bespoke and unique materials written by insolvency study experts in 2013
  • comprehensive analysis and review of scripts and mock exams to enable you to see precisely where you are going right
  • updated, exam-focused and consistent training messages
  • practical, interactive, common sense based courses in brilliant locations
  • consistent and stimulating face-to-face presentations
  • world-class support and back-up
  • web-based products, lectures and updates to supplement your hard work

We offer a truly holistic approach to training, learning, remembering and living.

For us at Neil Taylor Insolvency studying for JIEB and CPI should be a positive, illuminating and thoroughly uplifting experience.

Neil Taylor Insolvency presents an employment law expert's insight into the rights of employees and their transferability upon an 'insolvency event'.
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We are committed to providing the perfect combination of lecturing, personal support and online coverage, with fresh ideas and new and integrated materials.
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Brain Food For The JIEB
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It was Emo Philips who commented that he used to think the brain was the most impressive organ in the body, before realising what it was that was telling him this.
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News Flash

CPI Results Day - 3 O'clock Update

18 out of 18 passes so far.  We'll keep you updated. 

Many congratulations to you all.

 JIEB Application Forms For The 2014 Examinations - please use the following link to download the appropriate form.


CPI JUNE SITTING RESULTS  - these are published on 31 July and students are informed by email.


Here's the link to the IPA's website




JIEB Resit And Referral Dates Now Published

Liquidations 22 and 23 September
Administrations 15 and 16 September
Personal Insolvency 8 and 9 September

FOR MORE DETAILS ABOUT OUR UNIQUE RESIT PACKAGES CALL            01962 77 21 81             ... or email jill@ntinsolvency.com
Online Materials - Now Available To All Neil Taylor Insolvency Club Members                 
Access all of our online lectures, updates, exercises, etc by clicking on the 'Members' button in the header at the top of this page.

Why NTI?

The aspirations of the latest studying generation have evolved, and education and training must grow with them.
Insolvency professionals deserve more when studying for exams which are vital to their future...

  • they deserve imaginative, practical, exam-focused materials
  • they deserve comprehensive individual feedback on scripts and mock exams
  • they deserve inspirational courses in fantastic locations
  • they deserve daily tests and practical exercises
  • they deserve 21st Century total client care and support
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