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    (Re)Taking the JIEB in 2015?
    Failing Is Horrible, Passing Is Brilliant. Passing After You Have Failed ...
    Now THAT'S The Feeling!!! That Is The One To Go For
    It Is Time To Energise Your Joint Board Studies
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Neil Taylor Insolvency Training

Neil Taylor Insolvency is a highly motivated team of qualified and fully trained lecturers, presenters and support staff dedicated to offering insolvency professionals:
Exam Training And Support that is inspirational, exam-centric and totally success focused. This enabled our students to achieve a remarkable 83% pass rate in the June sitting of the CPI exam, including the two overall top prizes, and a 100% pass rate in the December sitting, again celebrating the two top prizes.
We achieved an excellent 71% pass rate in the JIEB's exams in March 2015 against a national pass rate of just over 50%, including two of the prize winners.
We are committed to providing the perfect combination of lecturing, mentored support and online coverage, with fresh ideas and exam-focused materials, backed up by total student and client service.The entire exam training business, from Client Care Administrators, through to designers and creators of courses … and right up to the team of lecturers and the company’s founder are geared towards the principal objective of providing a matchless educational product.
For us being creative, inspirational and award winning simply is not enough; education and training really matters.

CPD+ Courses throughout England & Wales designed and presented by insolvency professionals for insolvency professionals, and offering a fresh, practical insight into topics relevant across the profession. The Neil Taylor Insolvency brand and energy transfers well to CPD, with essential courses on relevant topics.
The difference is not only in the way our courses are designed, but in their location, cost and learning support. Everyone who enrols on one of our courses automatically becomes entitled to ongoing email and telephone support by an expert 'mentor'. We deliver energetic, engaging programmes which are aligned to our principal values of inspiration and a genuine passion for learning.
We also deliver courses in a unique 'train the trainer' style, enabling delegates to hear messages and ways of conveying them that can be cascaded down to colleagues upon return to work. This makes our CPD+ courses even more enjoyable and financially viable.
Our award winning, market leading experience in training the profession towards the CPI and Joint Board exams gives us a positive edge in training before and beyond the professional qualifications. Students and clients deserve a 21st Century approach to learning, encompassing:
  • for our exam training, fantastic, bespoke and unique study materials written and fully updated by insolvency study experts at the beginning of 2015
  • comprehensive analysis and review of scripts and mock exams to enable you to see precisely where you are going right
  • updated, exam-focused and consistent training messages for the two qualifications, including two interactive lectures per month, daily Testettes and exercises, emailed to you wherever you are
  • practical, interactive and inspirational exam and CPD+ courses in brilliant locations. All of our team are highly qualified, great trainers and at one with the profession
  • world-class support and back-up from our trained proactive team of mentors
  • web-based products, courses, lectures and updates to supplement your learning and ensure you are always up-to date
For both our renowned professional exam training and our ground-breaking CPD+ courses we offer a truly holistic approach to training, learning, remembering ... and living . We even have a unique 'Pass Inspiration Study And Life Guide' to help you and your teams to think, feel and live differently.
For us at Neil Taylor Insolvency studying for JIEB and CPI , as well as your CPD both before and after any exams you choose to study for, should be a positive, life-enhancing and thoroughly uplifting experience.

Our Values
Neil Taylor Insolvency is the UK's only exclusive insolvency training and education business. We spend all of our time, energy and imagination focusing on ways to both get you through your exams, making the whole experience rewarding and inspiring, and before and after your CPI and JIEB training designing and delivering ground-breaking CPD. 

Everything Neil Taylor Insolvency does is based upon the values and strong developmental instincts of our founder.

Our award and prize winning values include:

  • People respond much more positively to being stimulated and motivated to learn and remember … empowering them to engage in the educational process, whether studying for exams or improving their knowledge and skills.
    Course objectives, design and content must be based, at all times, upon the inspiration of delegates. This includes the ways course and study materials are designed and presented, strengthened by imaginative delivery and round-the-clock individual support.
  • There is a core Japanese principle based on the belief that in business and other relationships people have a right to be treated as if there might only ever be one contact between them. It matters. You matter. The relationship matters.
    We passionately believe this; CPI and JIEB students, and their firms, will always receive the best possible service and attention. This includes, of course, if your chosen ‘CPI option’ is for one of the specialist CPPI or CPCI exams. CPD+ clients will attend courses that 'hit the button', before receiving peerless post-course support and mentoring
  • Training and learning materials, lectures, exercises, analysis, expert availability, online information and all of our advice and support must be world class...
    ...not just better than any competitor, but being able to justify our award for 'Insolvency Training Provider Of The Year' in 2014. Everything about the product, its delivery and its success must be premium and peerless.

  • Courses, their delivery and the results achieved are not just about numbers and statistics, they are about the hopes and ambitions of the candidates, being designed and created around the individual.

    Working with our CPI students in June 2014 to achieve a staggering 83% pass rate validated all of our dedication to creativity and doing things in a '21st Century' way. This was improved to 100% in the CPI's exams in December 2014 ... and to a ground-breaking 71% in the JIEB's exam in 2014.

  • The greatest definition of insanity is to do the same things, but to expect different results.
    To achieve better results at CPI and the Joint Board we had to do something different, with our students. This is not just ‘different’ for difference sake. It is different for the sake of success. Your success.

  • The founder of Neil Taylor Insolvency worked very successfully with a number of private clients and individuals, developing courses and support that enabled them to pass both CPI (including CPPI and CPCI) and JIEB before importing all of those values and all of that energy into the now award winning training business.

    This is the greatest value of all - the value of recognising
Neil Taylor Insolvency, Education Training Provider Of The Year! A successful brand and a unique style, held in high esteem across the profession, made Neil Taylor Insolvency a winner!
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The Role Of The Learning Mentor At Neil Taylor Insolvency. We are committed to providing the perfect combination of lecturing, mentored support and online coverage.
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Why Would You Choose Neil Taylor Insolvency For Your CPI And JIEB Exam Training? This Video Explores Our Values, Educational Passion and Training Packages
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Brain Food For The JIEB
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It was Emo Philips who commented that he used to think the brain was the most impressive organ in the body, before realising what it was that was telling him this.
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News Flash
CPD+ Has Launched!!!!!

Click on 'CPD
+ Courses' In The Top Tool Bar To Access All Information


100% Pass Rate

... and the TOP TWO PRIZES for the second sitting in a row 

Many Congratulations To All Of Our Fantastic Students.

      JIEB RESULTS  2014

 Nov 2014  71%

Well Done To All


DON'T FORGET THAT All Neil Taylor Insolvency Club Members enjoy full access to all of our online materials, lectures, updates and exercises.                
Why NTI?

I have a choice of training providers for my CPI or JIEB studies. Why would I choose NTI??
Insolvency professionals deserve more when studying for exams which are vital to their future...

  • they deserve imaginative, practical, exam-focused materials. We have wonderful, full-colour materials, written especially for the modern insolvency exams
  • they deserve comprehensive individual feedback on scripts and mock exams. We provide full and comprehensive analysis and review of everything submitted to us
  • they deserve inspirational courses in fantastic locations. Our lecturers are all CPI and Joint Board passers, with a passion for teaching
  • they deserve daily tests and practical exercises. We provide Testettes and exercises, both online and sent direct to your email account
  • they deserve 21st Century total client care and support. Our assigned Learning Mentors work proactively to ensure you get the support you need
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